What do you think might happen if you get together "techies" and "humanists" of different ages in the same place and at the same time? And then you light the fire of creativity and pursuit of knowledge in their hearts,  fill the space with the sound of good songs?

International multi-disciplinary camp Formulo de Integreco, FdI ("The Formula of Unity" in Esperanto) is our answer to that question.


February 20‑28, 2016

2nd round of the FdI Olympiad

July 1-15, 2016

International Summer Camp FdI-2016

"The Formula of Unity" is a project that unites different people -  positive, creative, searching, aspiring to know and to be skilled - in a teamwork. As a result all participants realize their potential: knowledge, talents, creative experience, they discover new things about themselves and other people.

In school years children form their conscious attitude to the world around and basics of life values and priorities. That is why at this age, in our opinion, children need such unique projects as "The Formula of Unity" aimed to harmoniously combine all components of the educational process. The aim of all this is personal, spiritual and intellectual growth of each participant.